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Perfect Pasta 3 Delicious Ways

Depending on your mood, here you have 3 different and delicious pasta dishes to choose from.

The first is a Shrimp Farfalle, also known as bowtie pasta.  It is filled with shrimp, tomatoes, and spinach or kale and plenty of Parmesan cheese.

The second is called a Lazy Lasagna Bake and, as the name suggests, it is a creative lasagna type dish using rotini pasta instead of the traditional flat lasagna noodles.  This one is great for freezing in advance and taking it out when you’re not in the mood to cook.

And last, but not least, is the Greek Chicken Penne…yum.  It has lots of greek feta, with Mediterranean vegetables, and Greek seasoning.

The only problem you may have is deciding which one of these tasty recipes you want to try first.

Please see page two for the Shrimp Farfalle recipe.