Crunchy Crispy Eggs

This Crispy Egg recipe is a delicious new take on poached eggs.

If you have already mastered how to prepare a poached egg, this is just a few steps up from that.  You are making breadcrumbs that are seasoned with parsley, rosemary and thyme.  The video below will show you exactly how to do this and the list of ingredients and instructions are on the next page.

I think one of the most important piece of the instructions is to be sure to fry the breaded eggs at 350 degrees F for only 2-3 minutes.  If you do it longer than that you will have hard boiled eggs instead of poached.  In the video, it also looks to me like Byron is only frying two eggs at a time.  This is also important because if you try to fry too many eggs at a time, the frying temperature will go below 350 degrees F and you will not have crispy eggs.

Besides being yummy, these Crispy Eggs will make a great presentation on a special occasion.  Enjoy!

Please see page two for ingredients and instructions.