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Easy Peasy Party Pleasing Mushroom and Gruyere Tartlets

These delicious Mushroom and Gruyere Tartlets are perfect for your next party.

I love the taste of rosemary and use it whenever I can.  This recipe uses it perfectly with sauteed mushrooms, garlic and olive oil.  This appetizer doesn’t get any easier to make.  Just 3 ingredients go into the Tartlets along with some salt & pepper.  And the  puff pastry that holds all of this goodness together is store bought.

These great tasting Mushroom and Gruyere Tartlets are sure to be a hit at your next gathering.

Mushroom and Gruyère Tartlets

Serves 12

Preheat the oven to 400º F. Heat ¼ cup olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add 1½ pounds thinly sliced mushrooms, 3 finely chopped garlic cloves, and 2 tsp. chopped rosemary. Season with salt and pepper and cook, stirring occasionally, until the mushrooms are golden brown and tender, 8 to 10 minutes. Use a slotted spoon to transfer the mushrooms to a bowl so that the extra olive oil stays behind. Let the mushrooms cool to room temperature.

Line two baking sheets with parchment paper and set aside. Unfold one 17.9-oz. package defrosted puff pastry on a floured surface. Use a 3-inch biscuit cutter to cut circles out and place them on the baking sheets. Re-roll any extra puff pastry scraps and cut out more pastry until you have 24 circles total.

Beat an egg yolk with some water and then brush each circle with the mixture. Divide the mushrooms among the circles, then top with 6 oz. grated Gruyère cheese. Bake until the puff pastry is golden brown and flaky and the cheese is melted and bubbly, 20 to 25 minutes. Serve hot.


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